Magazine articles

Writing nonfiction articles for children’s magazines is great.

I get to research fascinating topics, talk to fascinating people, and try my best to write about it all in a fascinating way.

Here’s a list of articles I’ve published recently for MUSE, a science and discovery magazine for kids ages 9-14, published by Cricket Media:

April 2018: Fun For Everyone: Designing play spaces for all kinds of kids

October 2017: The Motion of the Heart: William Harvey’s radical theory of circulation

April 2017: Greetings from Earth: What will it take to talk with extraterrestrials?

October 2016: Real Sports, Virtual Reality: VR will change the way we watch, train, and play

July/August 2016: Need a Lift? Elevators will shape future skylines

October 2015: Irene Rodriguez Lujan: Biometric Scientist