Online reading game for first-graders

The Superkids Program is for children who are just learning how to read and write. These screenshots come from an online game that allows first-graders to practice their reading, spelling, and comprehension skills. The games include audio voiceover, which is recreated in the image captions.

OSWALD: “I want to paint a picture, but what should I paint?”
NARRATOR: “You’re going to help Oswald paint a picture. Which of these pictures do you want to choose?”
NARRATOR: “Look at what Oswald wants to add to his picture. Then look at the letters next to it. Some letters are missing from the word. It’s up to you to pick the missing letters to spell the word so Oswald can add it to his picture. “
NARRATOR: “Now help Oswald fill in the blanks in the sentence. Move the words from the picture into the blanks where they belong. When you’ve filled in all the blanks, click the green button to find out if you put the words in the right spots.”